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Our goal is to be a restaurant like no other by putting all the right pieces together to solve one of life’s hectic puzzles, a family meal everyone will enjoy. We are also a local restaurant that will provide a healthy meal and is also more than happy to take on private events and catering opportunities.

Puzzles Restaurant, a small family owned and operated restaurant that serves a simple, relaxed fine dining menu.

Puzzles Restaurant is a privately owned and operated restaurant. Puzzles Restaurant is a unique restaurant that has taken the time to create a menu that will have something for everyone. Our company provides healthy as well as delicious meals by providing the freshest of ingredients and prepares meals to order. By treating each family as individuals we are able to create a southern hospitality feel while providing a well-deserved elegant meal.  Just like a puzzle, we work with each guest to make sure all the pieces match and line up together perfectly to ensure the best experience.

118 N Pendleton Ave.
Pendleton, IN 46064

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